About Us


Stonebridge Mosaics is a family owned and operated business specializing in high end quality mosaics, tile, stone, ceramic, and porcelain. From our headquarters in New York, we provide only premium products and pride ourselves on not offering any commercial grade materials. With having the ability to customize all of our mosaics, we take great consideration from the feedback our customers give to create mosaics and lines that can truly work for any project.

"Cross Over to Luxury" not only applies to our products, but to the personalized one on one customer service you will receive when you choose Stonebridge. istock-1163131244.jpg


Stonebridge Mosaics ability to create breath-taking mosaics is not easy and takes certain producers that the big tile retailers and manufacturers leave behind. One task that helps us create one of a kind products is sourcing our own stone. We personally visit the quarry to select the perfect blocks of material. By doing this we gain control of the overall lot in terms of quality, consistency, and color.

Our manufacturing standards go far beyond just aesthetics; careful attention is paid to cuts, joints spacing, gauge and level of each mosaic sheet. Our factory has these strict quality control measures in place to ensure each product meets our customers standards as well as ours. Finally, all of our offerings, whether it's stone mosaics, ceramics, or porcelain, are designed with care and beauty in mind and are all handmade by highly trained artisans. This is what we like to call "The Stonebridge Standard"




Through an outstanding commitment to high standards for quality and service on which we were founded, Stonebridge Mosaics has developed to become a brand not only known for luxury mosaics but for luxury customer service as well.

  • Stonebridge Authorized Dealers – Our nationwide partners have helped shape Stonebridge into the company we are today. Our dedicated network of Dealers are devoted to providing customers with the best possible service and quality, so that they can make their dream projects a reality with Stonebridge’s portfolio of premier tile and stone products.
  • Commercial – From hotels to new construction communities, Stonebridge's commercial team is constantly pushing boundaries in order to provide the best solutions for your project. Whether that means sourcing the best stones or finding you competitively priced ceramics or porcelains, we are here to make sure the needs of the architect, designers, and builders are met every time.