Calacatta Field

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Calacatta Marble from Italy has been a staple in our industry from the start and will always be a timeless classic. With neutral tones of white, tan, and grey, this is the perfect stone for any master bathroom floor, powder room, or kitchen backsplash. Please inquire with our office or your local Stonebridge dealer for available sizes, finishes, and lot images.

*Please note* Natural stones are products of our Earth, therefore, variations in color, texture, and veining will occur.  This is the beauty of a natural product and is not a defect.

The performance of surface covering products often depends on installation, environmental, and usage factors unique to each project. Stonebridge is not responsible for any effects that may be caused to products due to installation, wear from use, or exposure to environmental factors including but not limited to hard water, chemicals, heat, flame, smoke, dirt or other substances. It is your responsibility to assess the project to determine if the product you are selecting is appropriate considering the unique characteristics of your installation, and to apply appropriate, high-quality sealers when necessary. Please consult your installer for more information.

Calacatta Field

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Finish: Polished and Honed
Variation: Natural Stone Variation
Profile: Field Tile
Thickness: 3/8"
Grout Recommended: Unsanded
Residential Application: Wall and Floor
Commercial Application: Wall and Floor
Traffic: Moderate
Steam Shower: Yes
Wet Areas: Yes
Outdoor/Pool: No
Backsplash: Yes
Fireplace Surround: Yes